Why Choose AQuotes

Quote to Invoice in 1 min

Save up to 70% of your time on Quote to Invoice process. Speed up the sales process by avoiding emails back and forth during Quote Negotiation. Auto Invoicing is simple functionality that you will love.

5 Levels of Price Discounts

Whether it is a price discount or a large quote amount, approvals will protect your company from sales price surprises and unauthorized sales prices. Set up price discounts on the product level.


Options, Optional products, Bundles and many other features making our Quotes one of the most flexible Quotes on the market. While so much flexible and digital, we still saving quotes and invoices as pdf so you can always have a paper-trail.

AQuotes is Peace of Mind for your business.

We built Quoting software on the best CRM in the world. Our software closes the gaps in Quoting process and makes the whole process digital. As a result 100% more transparent Quoting process.

  • Full auto control over the Quote Statuses.
  • No more unapproved Price discounts.
  • Human error reduction by more than 80%.
  • No more email back and forth with the client.


Client Testimonials

“We had difficulties in obtaining approval for quotes, our managers had to use third-party software for communication and it took so much time, not to mention the fact that different products and different discounts required approval from different people in the company. With AQuotes, the problem has been completely resolved. We are using this application and are very satisfied!“

Rebecca G Chief Operations Officer

“As a wholesale company, we always have different options for prices and conditions for our customers. The ability to combine different quota proposals into one file using AQuotes and provide our clients with the ability to approve and auto-convert quote file into an invoice without paper saves us a lot of time and is very convenient for our clients. I can recommend AQuotes as a reliable and most convenient service.“

Jeff M Head of Sales